ELG an Edinburgh Wargames Club

Edinburgh & Lothian Gamers is a friendly wargaming club located in Edinburgh that meets on, Tuesday evenings in Red Dice Games at the bottom of Leith.

ELG has existed for over ten years and has had several homes during this time with it’s latest situated in the fantastic Red Dice Games. As of August 2019 the club has gone through a transition, the ownership has changed, the venue has changed and the name has changed. Although we did keep ‘ELG’!

The club’s new board members are committed, talented and most importantly, excited to get ELG to the next level! Our aim is to deliver a wargames club and a community that celebrates the hobby as well provide a great platform for rolling some dice.


We actively encourage anyone who’s interested to come along and join in, no matter your skill level. We have a large group of regular, veteran gamers who are happy to show new players the ropes.

We currently run several leagues and events throughout the year and have plans to hold even more! Keep an eye on our social media sites for more information.

Thank you for visiting ELG, we hope to see you soon!